As a veterinarian I have referred a lot of my patients to Don Hoover over the years for many reasons, the biggest is the awesome feedback I get from my clients. I have come to trust and believe in his judgement in so many facets of my job and education of my clients. He’s genuine, and the real deal.
— Dr. Angela Backus
I’ve been working with Don for a while now with my standard poodle. She LOVES Don! He has more patience as a trainer than I’ve ever experienced. Very knowledgable & upbeat. He has taught my poodle so many wonderful behaviors with the utmost kindness and gentleness. I highly recommend him!!! (So does Whisper my poodle).
— Jennifer Laschi Harmon- Owner of Pet Styles by Jennifer
Life saver! We started training with our 6 mo old terrier mix who had limitless energy. Sit Happens helped us replace her bad behaviors when she was excited with correct ones. We did the group classes, Level 1 then Level 2 and our dog is constantly praised on how well mannered she is. Not only did it help correct her behaviors but it also taught us how to lead her when she is over stimulated. Now she no longer barks in public and can be calm in social settings such as restaurants. A unique feature to Sit Happens is you don’t have to book all at once. With the use of their app you can schedule classes when its convenient for you and pay only once you’ve been. Looking forward to Level 3 and some fungility courses!
— Jessica Montero- Owner of J.Tails Pet Concierge
Two of our friends came over today and they haven’t been around Ellie. Usually she barks and is so anxious. We practiced what we learned last night and here she is belly up totally relaxed! This is seriously magical! I’m SO happy!
— Krista Shmidt- Owner of St. PetersBARK
Magoo perfectly “says hello” to the Mayor of St. Petersburg on Friday at the Pier event. Thanks Don and Sit Happens!
Your classes were a pleasure to attend and it is quite evident that you are the “Pied Piper” of pets! I am already feeling a sense of withdrawal now that we don’t have our Monday night sessions anymore and I know that it will really seem strange not to go to St. Pete next week. It is amazing to see the progress we have made!
Don Hoover has worked with our dogs! He is a miracle worker! He has an incredible talent. He can help you understand and speak your pups language. If you’re having trouble with your dogs behavior or want to teach an old dog new tricks He’s the man to talk to!
Don is excellent! Our pugs are always learning something new and are getting better and better trained every time we see him !
Savannah wouldn’t be the well-behaved 7 year old dog that she is or 15 year old Sydney would not know how to “wave” were it not for Sit Happens. You can teach an old dog new tricks.
Don’t know what me and our girls would do without Sit Happens and all the wonderful services they provide.
The best thing about you is you are always available for questions. You always help us so much. Thanks again for coming to the rescue.
Don is one of the most amazing trainers one could hope to have for their dogs. One of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure of encountering in the dog community. He consistently displays professionalism and patience that is truly amazing when working with animals (and their owners) no matter how difficult the case may be.
Don is an amazing trainer! He’s extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind. Give yourself and your pup this great gift that will last a lifetime.
Don is fantastic. We recently adopted a two month old puppy and had no idea what to do. Don holds a free puppy parenting class that covers the basics and really cleared up a ton of our confusion. We’ve been taking classes with him for the past several weeks as well as participating in group puppy playtime and could not be happier. Chewie is picking up the lessons so quickly (he’s mastered sit, down and drop it already) and it’s great to let him socialize and get used to other dogs in a safe and controlled environment. The space is clean and very inviting and Don is patient and very helpful and knowledgeable. We can’t wait to continue our training and look forward to every class (Chewie does too!).
AMAZING! 5 stars.
I can attest to Don’s expertise. He helped my young blind dog overcome fearful aggression. And, he absolutely adores Don!
Don is amazing ! Class is always great and I learn something new every time.
Love Sit Happens! First of all, the decor is adorable. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable - they started putting up pictures of all the dogs they train and it’s a really personal touch. It’s been really amazing to see the growth of this company compared to when it first started, now they offer so many services. I actually live in Tampa and drive about an hour to get to classes and love seeing the change in my dogs. Thanks Don!
Sit Happens has been the absolute best thing for my dog! I can’t believe that so much has changed in only a few months. I walked into Sit Happens struggling to even take my dog for walks because of how she reacted towards other dogs. Now, she has completed her very first group class and I take her for daily walks without any problems. I can’t thank Sit Happens enough for teaching me how to correctly socialize and walk my dog.
Best dog trainer in the bay! Don has an amazing way with dogs and their owners, and he has the awards to prove it. Stop by the studio and see him in action. Also, his training sessions make great gifts for your friends with unruly dogs 😁
I LOVE sit happens, and so do my furkids! We drive an hour just to take classes with Don :)
We need more places like this. I have met the owner of the facility and he is wonderful. So sweet and polite!
Don provides excellent training for our Bulldogs and their human servants. Great price and top notch training!
Wonderful staff and great space. Don is amazing and attentive to every dog’s individual needs. I highly recommend and will bring future rescues.
I brought my dog in to work with Don on some behaviors I’m hoping to change. Don was super friendly, demonstrated skills and then had me practice them, and explained why we were working on these skills. I would highly recommend sit happens! Friendly, knowledgeable staff!!
I cannot say enough about this place. I have 6 dogs and we are slowly making our way through them all. So much knowledge and patience!
We took in an abused, unsocialized foster, and at 70 lbs he can be very hard to control. Don has managed to make a HUGE difference in just a few private lessons, and we have learned so many tools to help him in his journey to becoming a gentleman. Because of his past, we were adamant of finding training with positive-only reinforcement, and Don has exceeded our expectations. We could not recommend him enough!
Don is amazing! I reached out via their website to learn about puppy training and Don responded basically immediately and answered all of my questions. Just for the record, this was after hours on a Friday, so I didn’t expect to hear back so quickly. Very impressive and I don’t take that for granted. He is so knowledgeable and I feel so happy and thankful I found this place to teach our puppy some tricks and manners. We had a great experience at puppy class. There was a small group of people with their pups and the training felt personal and efficient. Treats and clickers were provided for everyone. Instructions were clear and easy to follow and I had a lot of fun! So did our puppy! The homework handout really helped as well and we are practicing at home. Thank you and we’re already excited for the next class!
Had our first session today and it went so great! Don was amazing very calming and even in one session I felt like I learned a lot! Can’t wait ‘til next week!
Wonderful staff and a great atmosphere.