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Sit Happens offers a variety of training services and packages.  Click the green BOOK ONLINE link above to see a description of each of our classes and programs and to view our complete schedule.

All group training classes are drop-in style, meaning there are no start or end dates to the class.  Level 1: Obedience and Puppy Parenting are our beginner level classes.  These classes do not require prerequisites.  Level 1: Obedience is for dogs 6 months of age and older, and Puppy Parenting is for puppies 6 months and younger. Some of our classes have prerequisites.  For example, in order to take Level 2: Obedience, your dog must successfully complete 6 of the Level 1: Obedience (or Puppy Parenting) classes.    You may complete the classes at your convenience and in any order on the days in which they are offered.  The details for all of our classes are available upon clicking the green BOOK ONLINE link above.  

Our Doggy Deluxe Board & Train Program is exclusive, meaning we only accept one dog at-a-time for the program.  This allows us to give the dog our undivided attention for the duration of their stay with us.  Typically, we have a small waitlist for the Doggy Deluxe.   Waitlisters often begin booking some of the 8 Private Lessons included within the program  prior to their dog's check-in date, so that they may begin making  progress immediately.